Moe's Home Digital Landscape is Getting Hyperreal

July 14, 2021

How many times have you ordered an item online, only for it to arrive, looking nothing like how it was presented on the web? Probably one too many, just like the rest of us. We've asked ourselves: why should our e-retailers, buyers, and end consumers be settling for misrepresented big-ticket purchases online? Our answer: they shouldn't be.

So, we hope you find it refreshing to hear that this risk has been stripped away from our world of furniture design with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). Award-winning, AI-powered, 3D CGI rendering companies are now but a click away. The companies that we've recently been utilizing have the ability to emulate reality so closely, so incredibly - you're even able to pick up on the coffee rings.  

Belle grey storage bed in well-lit modern bedroom

With the digitization of our world, the importance of high-quality photorealism has been increasing. CGI applications dramatically change the way the industry shops for home goods, how interior designers work with their projects, and even how architects are building homes alongside their clients. Online shopping has spiked an incredible amount, while the world of photoshoots has generally come to a halt. So, to us, indulging in this future of photorealistic CGI product rendering makes all the sense for our brand, our business to business, and our customers.

Moe's Home Collection has long been a brick-and-mortar wholesale business, but with the launch of our transactional website, we will soon be offering more tools for an effortless online shopping experience. Our vision is for this website to fully integrate CGI's digital tactility into the shopping experience with photorealistic product imagery and entire room scenes that look "lived-in."

Regarding product development, Moe's Home Collection is stronger than it's ever been, but how far does that strength go if you can't visualize that product in your environment? With the extensive range of options we now have for backgrounds and settings, we have the ability to create a convincing environment and narrative that suit our products – with imagination as the only limit.

Terra condo lounge white modular sectional sofa in a beautiful living room

While we are still planning to utilize skilled photographers and traditional photography, we see that CGI visuals are now high enough in both resolution and ambition to open up a world of opportunity for the design industry. With CGI rendering's versatility, we can bring together our design items into beautifully styled digital room sets and destinations that genuinely trick the eye with their realism. From the textures of fabrics to fine dovetail joinery, we're able to showcase all our technical innovations without traveling or building any sets. By adopting 3D CGI, we're able to minimize complicated processes and focus on the fun stuff- bringing the product from the drawing board to the showroom - launching our newest products on a shorter schedule.

In the future, interactive images will allow consumers to rotate a product, view it from all its beautiful angles, zoom in on all the detailing, and increase customer knowledge by animating a unique aspect of the product's construction process. These Try-It-at-Home experiences will help match customers' expectations, heightening conversion rates and customer retention while lowering returns.

Beautiful living room with Alvin grey sofa

A digital journey and panoramic tour of our showroom, filled with the newest product launches, is another creative way to bring our clients into our world. Launched with Moe's first Digital Market, these 360-viewer virtual tours showcase how different products work together, in the same manner as a walk-through of our physical showroom - you can still get close and personal with the design.

Our goal is for clients and customers to feel like they are interacting with different furniture pieces and have the confidence to purchase without leaving the comfort of their homes. Moe's has always been confident that our lifestyle imagery is truly worth a thousand words. Now, with the flexibility, speed, and adaptability of CGI rendering, a thousand words is barely the introduction.