White Papers

Design Directions 2022

October 7, 2021

Ever-evolving & shifting, personal but public, however utilitarian still soft, enduring yet welcoming & combined to our present needs – Home is a universe, a microcosm of emotion, connection, experience & comfort. Our mindset has been design for comfort, design for style, design for everyone.

“More than ever, there’s been a need to surround ourselves with pieces that support & engage. Through materiality, shape, technique, color & style, playful & dependable shapes have emerged alongside the space & rhythm of now, for where we are presently - but also look to where we are headed. We’ve drawn our inspiration from sensorial elements for our designs to encourage conversation, connection & individual expression.” – Maura Dineen, Moe’s Home Collection Product Development Manager

Bringing style & freedom to interior layouts alongside emotional design & personal expression, our designs intend to bring playful & dynamic energy to all manner of spaces, ones that amplify & center on human connection & expression. Through the use of natural materials, woods, marbles, stones & sculptural silhouettes - the materials, quality & construction of our latest & upcoming designs lend to the ongoing pleasure of crafting composition, atmosphere & ambiance. With a quality assortment that’s better than ever before, join us as we curate unique styles, flexible configurations, desirable textures & true craftsmanship alongside our 2022 Design Directions.