Back to Nature - Bringing the Outdoors In

April 13, 2021

Connectedness with nature is a sustained awareness. Spending time outdoors is vital for our well-being. Bringing plants & greenery into lifestyles, homes & spaces emphasizes the benefits of bringing the outdoors in.

Eye-catching arrays for buds & blooms, our newest vase & planter additions will help you re-green any scene.  

The Woodgrain Planters

Available in 3 sizes. 9.5”, 7.5”, 5.75”.

Woodgrain Planter 7.5” VZ-1032-15
The Ribbit Vases

Available in 2 sizes. 12” & 10” Terracotta.

Ribbit Vase 12” Terracotta VE-1013-12
The Zoo Planters

Available in 2 colors & sizes. 7” grey & 5” green.

Zoo Planter 7” grey VZ-1011-25
The Specimen Planters

Available in 3 sizes. 12”, 9” & 7”.

Specimen Planter 9” VZ-1015-02
The Rustica Planters

Available in 3 sizes. 7.75”, 6.5” & 5”.


In the home, as in nature, plants solve problems.

  • Plants lift moods, boost creativity, productivity & concentration
  • Provide aid for feelings of stress, mental fatigue & seasonal depression
  • Are a therapeutic element to care for
  • Purify indoor air by absorbing harmful toxins, breaking them down into gentle bi products for food, produce oxygen & increase humidity levels
The Naturalist Vases

Available in 2 colors & sizes. Large dark grey & small warm grey.

Naturalist Planter Small VZ-1017-29

The Spice Planters

Available in 2 sizes & colors. 7” black & 5” soft grey.

Spice Planter Black VZ-1028-02

The Herb Planters

Available in 3 sizes. 9.7” & 5”.  

Herb Planter 5” VZ-1024-18

Plants make for a happier, healthier you.

Even minimal exposure to nature can make us more feel more positive & altruistic.

The Illustrator Vases

Available in 2 different shapes & sizes. 8.5” low ribs & 12” high ribs.

Illustrator Vase 8.5” VZ-1020-05

Cast convention sideways and introduce more tactile textures & height-play to tabletops, sills, sideboards & worktops alike with our new, earthly stoneware accents.

A key design element for any room, these architectural elements will anchor any space in an entirely organic way.