Accented Space | New Chair & Seating Intros for Accented Space.

April 13, 2021

Modern iterations of classic designs, our accent chairs bring their moments with them anywhere & everywhere throughout the home.

Positive placement of accent chairs will go a long way as they lend balance, scale & polish to your living space. Fill in the gaps, invite communication, create yourself a cozy nook or simply add more seating with –

Occasional Chairs that ebb & flow in style & shape – Kolding ChairTakashi Dining Chair

Slipper Chairs that add a touch of the unexpected if space is scarce–

Ramsay Leather Slipper & Tumble Slipper

Club Chairs so roomy & deep as ideal counterparts to your sofa – Luxley Club Chair

Lounge Armchairs that celebrate unencumbered living with a little extra structure – Dagwood Leather Armchair, Harper Leather Lounge Chair, Turner Leather Chair

Chaises & Slipper Chairs as singular statements – Deleuze Chaise & Ramsay Chaise

Promote rest, relaxation & comfort by making spaces inviting with added seating, soothing colors, warm textures & cozy forms.