Trend Analysis

2021 Key Trend Analysis

April 8, 2021


Connection is our underlying narrative for 2021. The state & act that binds us to each other, to spaces, to moments - physically, emotionally, or otherworldly. For these small moments of gravitas & peace, we focus on the meaningful engagement to the physicals in our lives. The art of connecting & the state of being connected is more crucial than ever before.


Timeless neutrals that bring comforting reassurance with pared-back tones that balance functionality with relaxation.

Enhancing wellbeing with healing colors, minimalist forms & tactility to appeal to the senses to soothe anxiety & stress.

As we move forward into 2021, calming neutrals will continue to be the go-to backdrop. We’ve mixed powdery neutrals with blonde woodgrains, terrazzo, bouclé & linen blends for warming, tonal, tactile looks that feel clean but not uninspiring.


Inspiration is drawn from organic, sculptural & freeform shapes.

We have crossed boundaries between art & design by fusing simple shapes & materials alongside more playful forms.

This key trend direction is all about distinct & unexpected shapes - embracing both novel shapes & postmodernist forms.


As nature intended with the inherent tactility & beauty of natural grains & fibers.

A durable, material-led approach highlighting the intrinsic value there is to natural, elemental connections.

With the use of woven materials & raw fibers to bring an element of nature, we’ve taken to pairing contemporary silhouettes alongside natural materials.

Comforting Curves

An elite shape: the curve. The eye is naturally drawn to rounded contours.

We have focused on curved forms in soft fabrics, muted colorways & natural materials for soothing, inviting looks.

Humans are more naturally drawn to rounded designs & forms found in nature. We find feelings of comfort & safety in the softness of curves & general happiness in circular shapes.

Ribs, folds & more fluid shapes will play into the end user’s desire for the pleasing silhouettes that encourage & promote rest & rebalancing.

Our designs place emphasis on cozy, enveloping tactility, offering furniture & accessories that feature rounded edges & plump & overstuffed upholstery that attribute to positive sensorial charges.

Natural Earth Tones

Natural earth tones will become even more critical in 2021. Warm, nourishing, plant-based colors will help us to reconnect with nature & the outdoors. Amber, oatmeal & green tones continue to be essential for interiors as they feel timeless, authentic & natural.

Dark Elements

We have brought theatrical mood, timelessness & mysticism to our elemental designs, as the value of darker aesthetics shows no signs of slowing down. There has been a movement towards darker & carbonized woods that serve as a countermeasure for the recent dominance of blond woods. These pieces are rich & moody with an elemental simplicity. Dark shades heighten the senses while also opening the mind for creative & expansive thinking.

Natural Woods

Biophilic in diction: Connectivity to the natural environment by using direct nature throughout space & place within our built environments & communities.

Natural woods continue to be at the forefront of our collection. Our new intros focus on warm tones & stains that lend soft, soothing & inviting qualities. We heavily utilize woods like Oak, Walnut & Elm that have an inherent tactility showcased in their natural character & grains.


The power of color is heightened even more so when it comes to the effectual vibrancy of verdant. Green, sage, kale, Viridis - like emerald cedars, Japanese maple leaves, the Amazon’s canopy & moss. Green makes us feel things. Its viridescent hues carry a vibration full of harmony, healing, renewal & growth.

Our verdant products are naturistic, bring the outdoors in & keep us feeling a little closer to our natural surroundings. Soft upholstery keep interiors even more serene, while ethereal nonshadowing velvets vouch for the sense of opulence.